Fennel Seeds

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Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds


Fennel seeds are known as saunf in India and are used as a herb and spice. Belonging to the carrot family, these seeds are harvested from several varieties of fennel. Originating in the Mediterranean, it was circulated in Europe through Rome and is now grown in India, Australia, and South America.

Their crunchy texture, strong flavour, and aroma are high in nutrition and along with culinary applications they also possess medicinal properties. The benefits of these seeds can be availed by incorporating them in salads, broths, and baked items. Fennel seeds are a popular Indian spice and are used widely in Indian cuisine. Due to their sweet and strong taste, these seeds are also roasted and used after meals in India. They are popular as mouth fresheners due to their minty flavour.

VLC Spices is one of the leading Organic Fennel Seeds Manufacturers providing a top-quality product with high nutritional value and unmatched purity. Handpicked by our experts from various parts of India, fennel seeds are crushed, ground and blended. We are also the Fennel Seeds Exporters supplying them throughout the world. We take pride in the superior quality product that we supply since these seeds are processed with utmost care.

Our packaging standards ensure that there are no traces of impurities and that hygienic conditions are maintained throughout the process. As one of the top Indian Fennel Seeds Suppliers, we offer a wide range of packaging and labelling solutions to our clients. Our product boasts of rich green colour, retains freshness, and has a sweet earthy flavour. For all your needs of fennel seeds, get in touch with us.

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